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As the leaves turn golden and a crisp chill fills the air, the arrival of autumn and winter brings with it a sense of tradition and warmth. This collection featuring classic motifs like tartan, stripes, and pepita celebrates the enduring allure of tradition while infusing contemporary elements to create a captivating fusion of old and new. From fashionable garments to home decor, these patterns add timeless elegance and warmth to the colder months, ensuring that style remains eternal, just like the motifs themselves.

Our Modern Classics Fabric Prints

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classic, herringbone, tartan, checkers, red, white, autumn, winter
no. 1377
classic, herringbone, neutral, beige, autumn, winter
no. 1376
classic, tartan, checkers, orange, square, autumn, winter
no. 1375
pepita, brown, classic, beige, autumn, winter
no. 1373
pepita, brown, classic, orange, autumn, winter
no. 1374
classic, brown, herringbone, autumn, winter,
no. 1372
classic, brown, herringbone, autumn, winter, dots
no. 1371
classic, plaid, herringbone, brown, beige, neutral, autumn, winter
no. 1370
plaid, classic, brown, black, beige
no. 1369
plaid, classic, magenta, black, beige, orange
no. 1368
color pop, pepita, magenta, classic, autumn, winter
no. 1367
classic, modern, pepita, punk, magenta, pink, black, autumn, winter
no. 1366

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