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Step-by-step Video Guide
Check your design if it is print-ready

designer working on a computer to create a seamless design for farbic
Follow the steps & Check your design is ready to print it on fabric


Do you want to print your design on fabric, but you are not sure, If your design is prepared correctly?

No problem, we have made a video tutorial to show you step-by-step, how you can check your design before you send it to us, to print it on fabric.


Here are also step-by-step instructions, that you can find them in the video as well.

  • Open your design in Photoshop – File/Open/”select your file”
  • To have a quick check before you start looking for details, go to File/View/Pattern Preview
  • Then we need to check the dimensions of our design – Image/Image size and have a look also at the resolution of your design. Our recommended resolution for the files you upload to TISKA Editor is 150dpi.
  • Now that you know the size of your design in pixels, go to Filter/Other/Offset. It opens a window were you can make a horizontal and vertical offset of your image (horizontal X pixels right, vertical X pixels down). We offset our design for approximately half of the size of the design horizontally and half vertically. E.g. if our design is 300x300px we offset it 150 pixels right and 150 pixels down.
  • Now we examine the design if we find any mistakes and fix them! The mistakes might be that the shapes of the design are offset (like in our case in the video), differences in the colour shades, tiny white lines on the borders, etc.
  • When we fixed all the mistakes and our design looks seamless, we can switch it again to the original offset. Go to Filter/Other/Offset and insert the same pixels as before, but this time put the numbers in minus (-).
  • Save your design in a format, that is suitable to upload it to TISKA Editor – jpeg or png.


To have a final check if our design is really seamless and how it will look like repeated on a larger scale, e.g. on fabric, we can follow the steps below.

  • When we have our design opened in Photoshop, we save it as a Pattern – Edit/Define Pattern
  • We name it and save it.
  • Then we open a new file – File/New, that should be larger than our design, so we can see how our pattern will repeat.
  • Use function Rectangle Toll and go to Fill/Pattern and select the pattern we saved before.
  • With the Rectangle Tool capture the whole blank area of your new file and the area will be filled with our pattern.
  • We can also scale the pattern size and check if the pattern is repeating seamlessly.


That’s it! Now you should have a proper seamless design, ready to print it on fabric! 😊

If you are not sure, how TISKA Editor works and how can you create your personalized fabric, you can check this article Create Your Own Fabric.

And here we have prepared some Tips for designing a pattern.

If you have additional questions, feel free to drop us an email at hello@tiskafabrics.com

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