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Pattern Making
Tips & Tricks

For those who are new to designing seamless patterns, we have prepared a few tips to make sure your pattern will look like those, designed by professionals.
5 Tips to Follow When Designing a Seamless Pattern


How to start designing a seamless pattern?


You can start your seamless pattern by scanning and finishing your handmade artwork, using digital designing tools, or you can draw it from scratch digitally.

When designing a pattern, you usually start by preparing a rapport, i.e., the smallest, repeatable fragment of the pattern, which you will duplicate on any length of fabric, combining it into one coherent entity. This rapport usually consists of one or more hero elements, plus other details that fill the rapport.

The edges of the pattern must be matching so that no connections are visible, this is a so-called seamless pattern. The repeating unit should not be obvious.


Use a proper designer tool to design seamless patterns


When you start designing your pattern, it is hard to imagine, how the final design will look like. Tools like Illustrator and Photoshop make this process much easier.

They allow you to play and experiment with different elements and by repositioning them and changing the repeating styles, you can see how the final design will look like on a larger scale. This way it will be easier to achieve the the results you are looking for.

Beside that you can ensure that you have created a seamless, flowing pattern, where you cannot see where it starts and where it ends.


Make sure your design is balanced


With the help of the designing tools mentioned above, it is simpler to make a visually complete and harmonious design, combining elements that work well together.

To achieve a well-balanced design, consider:

  • The colour pallet – take time and consider the colour pallet you are going to use, focus on the end-product where the pattern will be applied.
  • Textures – textures of individual elements must work well together.
  • Layout – experiment with the positions and orientation of separate elements.
  • Size – consider the size of the surface, where the pattern will appear.

P.s.: Do not forget to add some contrasting elements, whether in size, texture, or colour. They will make your design even deeper and more special.


Play with repeating styles


Like in TISKA editor, you can play with different pattern repeating styles also in the designer tool you use. If the design does not look well, try altering different repeating styles, e.g., from a full drop/block repeat to a half drop or brick repeat.


Design a pattern, based on the scale of the end-product


The repeating unit of the design can be of any size (from one centimetre up to the full width of the fabric) – it all depends on your needs and the purpose of the design. Keep in mind the size of the end-product, where your pattern will be applied.

E.g., designing a pattern for a phone case is different than designing a pattern for fabric. A phone case is much smaller than fabric, so the elements in the pattern should be smaller and vice-versa.


Check if your design is print-ready


It is exciting and stressful at the same time, to click “PLACE ORDER” after you have uploaded your design to print it on fabric. You may have doubts, whether it is really repeating seamlessly on a larger scale or not.

That’s why we have prepared a video guide, how to check if your design is print-ready.

Watch it here >>


To sum up, if you are not familiar with pattern design and you do not know how to use professional design tools, you can still print unique fabric for your creations.

Browse through our pattern library and select your favorite to print it on fabric >>

They were all designed by professional pattern designers, exclusively for our web store.

And rememmber, by buying fabric, printed on demand, you are supporting a sustainable fabric production.

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